About Us

SEWA Anubandh is an initiative to enable grassroots women micro-entrepreneurs and women-led social enterprises to engage directly with consumers across the globe, by selling online.
Anubandh: Transforming Livelihoods was first started as an online catalog to assist SEWA members in sustaining their livelihoods in the aftermath of COVID-19the cyclone Amphan and subsequent disruptions which followed. With time, Anubandh developed into an opportunity to bring the voices and work of grassroots women into the mainstream digital economy, even in a post-COVID world. The name and philosophy of the platform is inspired and cemented by the book, Anubandh: Building 100-mile Communities written by the founder of SEWA, Elaben Bhatt.
“Whatever we consume, and whatever we produce, sets in motion a chain reaction that impacts the world around us. By taking conscious charge of our role as a link in this chain, we embody and perpetuate the world we live in, for better or for worse. This linked relationship with the world is called, Anubandh.” 
- Ela Bhatt
The idea of enabling access to technology that empowers people in an equitable way, respectful of both human and environmental needs, lies at the heart of Anubandh. The objective of the platform is to provide grassroots women with business opportunities, financial stability through continued work to ensure economic subsistence, and to build their capacity to operate and sell digitally. By eliminating middlemen, the revenue generated for each woman entrepreneur is maximised.

SEWA Anubandh promotes an array of products and services by grassroots women micro-entrepreneurs and social enterprises across 7 states of India - Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Punjab. From handicrafts to homestays, our women carry generations-old knowledge and traditions with themselves, thus keeping alive their cultural identity by entering non-industrial work into the mainstream economy.