Handmade is in vogue

When you give or receive a handmade present, someone has put honest and genuine consideration into it. Not only the artist, who undoubtedly spent time and work into producing something unique and from the ground up, but also the buyer and receiver, who clearly appreciates the craft. The beauty of handmade gifts and products highlights a thoughtful emotion from the artist to the receiver. 

Let’s take a look at why handmade gifting is the best option:

  • Every handmade article is unique 

Since they are not machine produced, every piece of handmade article or product is unique in itself and no two people have the same product in the world. This makes it more so special. When you buy handmade, you are paying for a commitment to authenticity and a guarantee that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike; and that is pretty priceless.

  • Handmade products are sustainable and green 

Buying handmade means that your item has passed through much fewer hands than those of large manufacturers. Because the process is kept modest, the environmental impact of a handmade item is minimal. Many items are overproduced, especially those that require natural materials, metals, and minerals, which increases the risk of unethical sourcing. More often than not, craftsmen who specialise in handcrafted goods are concerned about the origins of their materials and are willing to pay a higher price for the quality and resulting peace of mind. Simply put, handmade things are more environmentally friendly than their "bulkier" equivalents.

  • Handmade is supportive of local artisans

Supporting local ventures is the quickest and most effective method to keep small businesses running and keep the money you spend flowing into and through your neighbourhood. Purchasing items that are created locally is a significant step in the right direction. Handmade goods are frequently created under one small, mighty, and proud roof from idea to completion. When you buy anything handmade, you'll very certainly be able to shake the hands of the person who produced it. Is it possible to get any better than that?

  • Each product has story attached to it

Each handmade product has a unique story to share, and each handmade shop and the person who produced it put a lot of time and effort into creating something that's one-of-a-kind, gorgeous, and made just for you. Every decision you make throughout the development of your product has a purpose.

  • Handmade is personalised and customisable 

Products and gifts can be personalised to fit the tastes and preferences of the receiver. This not only adds to the uniqueness but also makes the product even more thoughtful and loving.

  • Supporting handmade keeps traditional artforms and crafts alive

This may seem selfless, but by supporting your local artist, you are also sustaining the craft skill that they practise. By assisting traditional craftspeople such as silversmiths, clay artists, glass artists, weavers, and many more in passing on their talents to the next generation, we are assisting them in keeping the art and craft alive. 

  • Handmade is by real people 

When you buy a handmade present, you can be sure that the maker is dedicated to their craft and that each item was created with love. Handmade items are always crafted with a lot of love, care, and attention to detail in order to create something unique and treasured. 

Consider handmade the next time you need a gift, a new item for your house, or simply want to treat yourself to a piece of jewellery. 

You'll get a higher-quality, one-of-a-kind product. You're helping to support the lives and work of a handcrafted company owner. You're also preserving skills that would otherwise be lost, as well as making a more environmentally friendly purchase.