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Battling Gender Digital Divide

The 1990s saw an explosion in the popularity of the Internet. The increased utilisation of the digital space brought about significant economic, social and developmental advantages to the individuals with access to it. This also led to the start of a conversation around accessibility and the reach of the digital space, and the privilege it entitled an individual with. A possible gender digital divide was observed by various studies conducted in the US.  With constant conversations around accessibility and inclusion of spaces, often the intersectionality of these aspects with gender is overlooked. Research has stated that gendered policing of public spaces has a great impact on an individual's spatial understanding. Women have been living with regulations that affect their unfettered...

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What is Eco- Guilt?

Everyday we read more about the climate crisis and the melting glaciers, we wonder about how we are becoming part of the problem. The graveness of the climate crisis has made us more conscious about our practices and behaviour on an individual level. We try to avoid the use of plastic, repurpose clothing, and thrift instead of buy from fast fashion companies. But oftentimes we are unable to continue being eco-conscious and sustainable in every situation that arises. This often leads to a phenomenon known as Eco-guilt. Eco-guilt is guilt that arises when people think about times they have not met personal or societal standards for environmental behavior. It is the self-reproach we feel when we’ve done something that’s bad...

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Handmade is in vogue

When you give or receive a handmade present, someone has put honest and genuine consideration into it. Not only the artist, who undoubtedly spent time and work into producing something unique and from the ground up, but also the buyer and receiver, who clearly appreciates the craft. The beauty of handmade gifts and products highlights a thoughtful emotion from the artist to the receiver.  Let’s take a look at why handmade gifting is the best option: Every handmade article is unique  Since they are not machine produced, every piece of handmade article or product is unique in itself and no two people have the same product in the world. This makes it more so special. When you buy handmade, you...

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